Our first poll has begun!

We are currently conducting our first poll, a preference poll for the Presidential and Governor races. We began automated phone calls on Saturday October 6th, and expect to publish the first set of data by Monday, October 15th. We will publish preliminary data as our response rate allows.

If you received a call from Liberty Polling and wish to opt-out: please call back the number you received the poll from. Do not begin the poll, wait and you will be prompted to opt-out.

Data from day one, Sunday, October 7th:

27192 Calls Placed over 6 hours
8820 Calls Answered/Returned (32%)
170 Do not call requests (0.6%)
469 Polls started (5.3% of Answered calls)
313 Polls completed (3.5% of Answered calls)

Response statistics:
58.8% Female, 40.3% Male, 0.9% Other
52.0% Obama, 42.8% Romney, 1.3% Johnson, 1.3% Other, 2.2% Undecided
43.5% Inslee, 47.0% McKenna, 8.3% Undecided
Margin of Error 5.5%

Based on the preliminary statistics, we should be down to a 4% Margin of Error statewide by the initial data release next week. This data also has the expected bias toward older women answering the phone. We hope to be able to correct this bias using voting history data.